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Tassaduq Ahmed MBE Tassaduq Ahmed

The Voice

July 7, 2003

Immigration Show

A revolutionary exhibition of Immigration, described as the first of it's kind in Europe will be on show this weekend.

The article as it appeared in the newspaper Suitcases and Sanctuary explores stories of immigration and the struggles surrounding it.

It displays work created by nine and ten-year-olds who wore alongside an array of visual artists, poets, photographers and actors.

The concept for the museum emerged over 20 years ago, but it has only now been realised. Susie Symes chair of the Spitalfields Centre hosting the exhibition, said: "The story of all these diverse groups is not only their story it is our story. It is our shared history as British people. The children's work explores similarities and differences in the way groups of immigrants have been treated over the centuries.

"The exhibition shows us, through fresh young eyes, a variety of cultures and the ways they have enriched life in our communities"

Film star Colin Salmon helped at the project: teaching children abut the Caribbean Immigration.