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Tassaduq Ahmed MBE Tassaduq Ahmed

The letter as it appeared in the newspaper.

The Financial Times

14th September 2002

Lunching with the Chaps

letter from Susie Symes.

Sir, how splendid that the strategic leadership programme at Templeton College, Oxford is training senior managers to converse over dinner ("Ways of making you talk", September 12). I am writing to offer pro bono extra-curriculum practice for business leaders.

When I worked in the Treasury I was never allowed to lunch with chaps from the City, and in the voluntary sector I cannot afford to, but I have much useful experience from the fleshpots of Brussels as a former high-flying eurocrat. So I should love to be invited to lunch, and am happy to offer crafted conversation on corporate responsibility, delivering diversity and - oh yes - putting your money where your mouth is on social inclusion and equal opportunities.

Susie Symes
Museum of Immigration and Diversity
London E1 6QH