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Tassaduq Ahmed MBE Tassaduq Ahmed

Asian Times

Tuesday July 8, 2003

Moving Image

The article as it appeared in the newspaper. Children, mostly from South Asian family backgrounds, from Christ Church School Brick Lane, acting out an old Russian folk tale of the 1880s about how to deal with racism. It is shown on film in the internationally acclaimed Suitcases and Sanctuary exhibition at the rarely open Museum of Immigration and Diversity at 19 Princelet Street, to build understanding through education and through bringing people together. Suitcases and Sanctuary will open on Sunday 13 July from 12 to 7pm at 19 Princelet Street, London E1 for one day only as part of Respect Week. Entry is free but donations are encouraged to help London's first and only Museum of Conscience to open its doors permanently.