May 10, 2016

The Spitalfields Journey

The Museum of Immigration at 19 Princelet Street and Dennis Severs' House at 18 Folgate Street are pleased to announce special joint visits to these two extraordinary Spitalfields houses.

Selected daytimes
12 noon & 1:00pm

7th - 11th - 14th - 18th - 21st - 25th June

£25 per person

Duration 1 hour and 45 minutes

Take a journey back in time, inside two of London's most magical and atmospheric museum houses, Dennis Severs' House at 18 Folgate Street and the Museum of Immigration at 19 Princelet Street.

Starting with a visit to Dennis Severs' House, a powerful yet intimate evocation of the lives of an imaginary family of Huguenot Silk Weavers from 1724 to the dawn of the 20th Century. You will wander in silence through the house's ten rooms, each lit by fire and candlelight. After a short stroll through Spitalfields, you will be guided around 19 Princelet Street, an extraordinary building which commemorates the waves of migration to Spitalfields over the centuries, and which hides an extraordinary secret in its garden.

As 19 Princelet Street prepares for a major fundraising and development campaign, this is a rare opportunity to explore the building that has been described as 'one of the most charismatic, moving, beautiful places in all London.'

To book please email or call +44 (0) 20 7247 4013

Jan 9, 2013
Eager crowds New Year's Day, by @thelondoneer
2013 began with huge queues at 19 Princelet Street, as some 700 people descended on this tiny Spitalfields street for two special open afternoons. 

‘queue for @19pst was totally worth it’  @HannahHudson1 and many more

Despite the cold, people from around the world - Ethiopa, Egypt, Eboli... Elstree and the East End - connected while waiting, at times for over 90 minutes, to explore this unique cultural institution. 

Fab afternoon, 5 January, by @londonphile

‘Memories, diasporas, ghosts, ruins: most extraordinary building I've visited in London for years'  @felicitycallard

‘Its focus on diversity is inclusive and contemporary'  @Culturemogg

In a diverse queue of humans of all ages and backgrounds (including a 6 year old half child half Tiger), most frequent queue reading material? Robert Peston's How Do We Fix This Mess?  19 Princelet Street is truly a place where we are all in it together! Preserving 19 Princelet Street for future generations would be a great achievement for 2013.
Dec 31, 2012

Influential current affairs programme Today, guest edited by poet Benjamin Zephaniah, addressed key policy issues around immigration and identity through a visit to 19 Princelet Street, described on the programme as ‘an extraordinary museum’.   

This shows, again, how our small museum is a vital place to explore big ideas.  It is a space to engage with political and community issues, harnessing a beautiful historic site to encourage dialogue and debate around real human experiences, whether ugly or good.

Click here to listen to the programme.

Trustee Santosh Stride with Mark Easton, Home Editor for BBC News    photo credit: LC/BBC

BBC Today Programme Editor, with Mark Easton interviewing Trustee Santosh Stride in the 1719 basement kitchen of 19 Princelet Street museum of immigration and diversity photo credit: PJSchwartz/19PrinceletStree

BBC Today Programme Editor, with Mark Easton interviewing Trustees Santosh Stride and Susie Symes in the 1719 basement kitchen of 19 Princelet Street museum of immigration and diversity photo credit: PJSchwartz/19PrinceletStree





Dec 30, 2012

Britain has never been a monoculture.  So its cutting edge museum of immigration and diversity, 19 Princelet Street, was the perfect place for BBC Home Affairs Editor Mark Easton to examine how Britain’s multicultural past shapes Britain today.

In conversation with museum trustee Santosh Stride, Mark Easton explored issues of immigration and identity.  In a city of many cultural references, does the mixed heritage of many Londoners impact upon their own sense of identity?  Will immigration play as vital a part in Britain’s future as in its past?

19 Princelet Street has a key role to play: as a site of civic engagement, it provides space for dialogue and promotes debate.  

Dec 28, 2012

Despite the cold, a busy end of the year included groups from the Netherlands, Westminster and Whitechapel.

We were privileged to welcome a group from UNISON, including Gloria Mills, campaigner and champion for diversity issues and equal opportunities in the workplace regardless of race, gender, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation. The first ever Black woman to be elected President of the TUC, Gloria brought some stimulating perspectives from her international visits, and we hope she will be back to continue the conversation.

Nov 26, 2012

November was exceptionally busy, with visits from international business schools, Eastern European universities, and local primary schools.

We love it when other museums compliment us by bringing their staff and benefactors, and November brought not one but three all at once.

First, an international group of supporters of one of the world’s great museums, in the Middle East, made a private visit and were moved to make a kind donation.  Then from North America, charming friends of Newark Museum, bringing news of delightful Ballantine House, a National Historic Landmark.  The Museum of London ended the run, bringing a team of new recruits to discover more about their surrounding area.